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5 Hairstyle Mistakes That Age You | Best Hair Stylist in Asheville
  • Jola De Legge
  • Feb 15, 2021

How to fix Hairstyle's mistakes? 

Are you sick and tired of your hair? 

Seems like you are always unsatisfied after hairstylist treatment? 

You want your hair to look like a million-dollar speaking out of it? 

Sit and read this blog. I think I have answers to these questions.

Maybe you will go on Google and add words like „Hairstylist Near Me“, „Creative Hairstylist Near Me“, „Color Correction in Asheville“, „Master Hairstylist Near Me“ or „ Best Hairstylist in Asheville“ (or any other city you are living in) with expectations to have the best hairstyle experience in your life. You expect your hairstylist to know what is sometimes good and right for you. Don't you think we are all sometimes insecure about the perfect hairstyle that we should have or color to choose? Sometimes we don't feel any connection or we don't have a clue what to do with our hair. Don't worry!! I will try to explain to you more about hairstyle mistakes to avoid so that they don't age you. 

Choosing the wrong hair colors, parts, and styles can add more years to a look. Let's see the first common mistakes. 

1.  Covering Gray Hair Mistakes | What to do with gray hair? 

There is no rule when grays are going to happen. It can happen at almost any age. The first mistake that we do is covering greys with the wrong hair color. If you are coloring grays on your own make sure to choose products on which say „formulated for grays“. Otherwise, you won't get the color saturation you are wanted. Why is that so? Why should choose the perfect color for my grays covering? 

Grays are more coarse and much lighter than the rest of the hair so the product needs to be extra strong. The point is to get a natural look and you could have that by using your regular color and a shade darker. If you deal with a lot of grays then you might need a professional hairstylist. Professionals will pre-treated hairs with a peroxide solution and after that will use a customized concoction for the perfect color. 

So, no more grays and bad days. If you are having any trouble with it you should visit my hair salon in Asheville so that I could take a look at what is going on with your hair and we can decide what is the best option for you. 

2.  Hair Color doesn't match your Skin Tone 

Were you ever in a situation when reading your favorite magazine or watching a TV show and you see an adorable hairstyle on a celebrity like Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, or J Lo? Frist thing you are thinking of is I want it like that? But hell no, that is not a song of Ariana Grande's „7 rings “ when she's singing „I want it I got it“. Sometimes you want it but it is not possible and is not a good decision to have it. Maybe it will look good on darker skin but your skin is light or opposite. If the color doesn't match your skin you can look a little bit older. From my experience, matt hair color and dark color on a woman age 45 and up are again her also showing wrinkles and dark circles under eyes. The right color totality is determined by skin tone and eye color. Of course, older ladies should avoid darker colors. 

I was searching a little bit deeper for you about this topic and „I found out that you can figure out your skin tone by looking at the veins in your hands. If they’re a blueish tint, your skin tone is cool. If it’s a greenish tint, that’s warm. For warmth, try strawberry blonde, red, brown, or black. For cool, try ash blonde, brown, or black with blue or violet undertones. You can have any hair color you like, just make sure it works with the warmth or coolness of your complexion.“


3.  If you didn't change your hairstyle for too long

Maybe you are too busy doing your job, home kinds of stuff and you forgot to take care of yourself and not to even mention hair care. I understand you really but aren't you sick of not caring for yourself or have messy hair around and looking older. Without good hair, no one feels self-confident that much. Did you ever notice that hair talks to other people instead of you? When you have good hair everyone is going to ask you where did you do your haircut or hair color.

One more thing that you should be aware of it is the wrong hair part. Maybe you are used to having a center part of the hair as most comfortable but that could look good just on a few people and most of the time it tends to be aging. You have to have a great face for the center part otherwise you need a change. Switch up a little bit and find that lazy young person prisoned inside of you. Get rid of old habits of doing nothing when is about your hair. 

4.  Don't Be Scared of Bangs

Wondering how to instantly erase a few years? Try bangs. They could hide lots of wrinkles or insecurity about browns or long foreheads.

5.  Not Framing your face

Face-framing „will draw attention to your most flattering features and lift your face for a more refreshed appearance. Some women aren’t sure where their first face-framing layer should begin, and Saviano says there’s one solution that works for everyone: “The perfect place for layers to start is the cheekbone—that brings out the cheekbone, which is an instant face-lift. Face framing creates body around the face, and with these shorter pieces, you can flick the bangs to the side or even do curtain bangs.” A light spritz of De Legge product hair spray will keep your layers in the proper position without restricting them or causing any crunch.“


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I hope you like my blog post and that was useful to you. I am looking forward to telling you more I know about hair from my experience. 

Your Jola De Legge European Cut and Keratin Treatment Hairstylist