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Brazilian Blowout versus Keratin Treatment: Keratin near me in Hendersonville NC
  • Delegge Studio
  • Jan 18, 2023

There are several differences that set the Brazilian Blowout brand apart from Keratin treatments, but first let’s cover some terminology. Brazilian Blowout is a brand name of a smoothing treatment product that has its own specialized chemical makeup. Whereas Keratin treatments are smoothing treatments that contain the protein keratin, produced by many different brands and manufacturers. Different brands have different varieties of keratin or may have different methods by which the keratin was derived. 

Brazilian Blowout has developed its smoothing treatment by using a plant based amino acid as its active ingredient. This means that Brazilian Blowout does not contain Keratin to achieve its smoothing results. The Brazilian blowout puts a protein coating on the hair that helps reduce bulk and volume as well as curl. If you desire less density to your hair as well as up to 3 levels of curl reduction this may be the product for you. If you have used Japanese strengtheners or relaxers to achieve your desired curl reduction in the past, a Brazilian blowout will offer you a great alternative.

A major down side to the Brazilian Blowout is that it only coats your hair vs penetrating and sealing your hair like keratin can. This can cause long term problems for your hair if not cared for correctly, and will wash out faster than keratin. Over time your hair can become over-proteinized, if you get treatments too often or do not use the proper home care products. When your hair suffers protein overload it will feel dry and brittle. To help prevent dry brittle hair you will need to consult your stylist on what products you can and should be using. Be sure to use the proper shampoo, conditioner and styling products at all times. In the event damage does occur before or after receiving a treatment; to repair this you can get a bond rebuilding treatment in the salon. We recommend a B3 Deep Conditioning Treatment to help rebuild your hair bonds.

Keratin treatments work differently than Brazilian Blowouts because the keratin molecule is much smaller than the amino acid protein. This allows the Keratin to penetrate the individual hair stands, replenishing and repairing them from the inside out. Keratin treatments are healthier for your hair due to the keratin molecules that fortify your hair internally and externally. Keratin will also make your hair more manageable. Keratin treatments do wash out over time, but may last significantly longer than protein based treatments (Brazilian Blowout) with the proper aftercare. This means being sure you are using the proper hair care products that will not strip the treatment from your hair. Keratin treatments are also very customizable; this means you can keep your curls or get up to 3 levels of curl reduction. You also do not have to worry about overdoing it or timing of your treatments with Keratin because your hair will take what it needs, and the remainder will wash away.

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