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Elevate Your Hair: Expert Color and Keratin Smoothing Treatments by a World-Class Stylist in Asheville, NC
  • Delegge Studio
  • Aug 29, 2023

Are you searching for the ultimate hair transformation that includes luxury and sophistication? Look no further! In the heart of Asheville, NC, you'll discover a hairstylist whose mastery in color and keratin smoothing treatments has left an indelible mark on clients worldwide. Get ready to unveil a new realm of hair excellence that speaks to your style, exclusively offered by Jola De Legge.


Jola De Legge, a name synonymous with excellence in the hair industry, brings an unparalleled level of expertise to Asheville, NC. With a trailblazing journey that spans across the globe, Jola De Legge has honed her craft through advanced education and international experiences that few can rival.


Having graduated from renowned Advanced Academy's like Vidal Sassoon in Toronto , Toni and Guy in London, Goldwell in Berlin, and Matrix in Sweden, Jola De Legge is a true connoisseur of hair artistry. Their training isn't just a certificate; it's a testament to their dedication to mastering the nuances of hairstyling.


But it doesn't stop there. Jola De Legge's impact extends beyond the classroom. With a dynamic presence in Poland's hair shows and the ability to orchestrate captivating photo shoots, Jola De Legge is not merely a stylist but a creative force.


What sets Jola De Legge apart is not just the training or the accolades—it's the years of hands-on experience that breathe life into every snip, color, and style. This wealth of expertise ensures that each client is not just a canvas, but a unique masterpiece waiting to be revealed.


The culmination of international education, extensive experience and unwavering passion. When you choose Jola De Legge, you're not just choosing a hairstylist in Asheville; you're embracing a journey that is as transformative as it is exceptional.


A Master class in Color and Keratin Smoothing

Imagine walking out of the salon with hair that feels like pure silk and radiates vibrant hues that perfectly complement your complexion. With Jola De Legge exceptional expertise, this vision becomes reality. Renowned for her unparalleled skills in both color and keratin smoothing treatments, Jola De Legge has redefined what it means to achieve hair perfection.


**Color Expertise:** Jola De Legge’s artistic approach to color is unmatched. Whether you're yearning for sun-kissed highlights that mimic the natural play of light or a bold, trendsetting statement, Jola De Legge has the creativity to bring your desires to life. Each color is meticulously selected and applied, ensuring a harmonious blend that not only enhances your features but also resonates with your personality.


**Keratin Smoothing Mastery:** Frizz-free, silky-smooth hair that turns heads is no longer a dream, thanks to Jola De Legge's transformative keratin smoothing treatments. Whether your hair is naturally unruly or you simply crave that polished look, Jola De Legge's techniques are nothing short of magical. Experience the joy of effortlessly manageable hair that boasts an enviable shine.


A Global Touch, Right in Asheville

Jola De Legge's journey from various international style capitals has enriched their understanding of diverse hair types, textures, and preferences. This global perspective is what sets Jola De Legge apart in Asheville's thriving beauty scene. Having worked with clients from around the world, Jola De Legge @ De Legge European Studio possesses an intuitive flair for tailoring their expertise to suit individual needs, ensuring that each client leaves feeling like a true cosmopolitan.


Luxurious Services, Tailored for You

Attracting discerning clients who appreciate and value exceptional craftsmanship is Jola De Legge's forte. By offering their services at a premium, Jola De Legge ensures that every moment spent in the salon is an experience of indulgence and exclusivity. Your hair deserves nothing but the best, and De Legge European Studio is committed to delivering that and more.


The Power of Exclusivity

At De Legge European Studio in Asheville, NC exclusivity isn’t just a word—it’s a philosophy. By operating on a limited three-day schedule, Jola De Legge is able to dedicate her undivided attention to each client, offering an experience that’s both personalized and pampering. This ensures that you not only receive the best possible results but also bask in an environment of privacy and relaxation.


Elevate Your Expectations

Premium services warrant premium investment. Jola De Legge’s pricing structure reflects the extraordinary value they provide. As a stylist who charges higher prices, Jola De Legge takes pride in offering an experience. 

It’s not just about the hair; it’s about the transformation, the confidence, and the expertise. 

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If you are looking for experienced hairstylist in Asheville, NC, Prepare to be in the hands of a true master stylist.