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Hair Detox Tips by Asheville Keratin Treatment Specialist and Hairstylist
  • Jola De Legge
  • Jan 04, 2021

„Our goal is to make your hair dream come true.“

If your hair is gross, roots are limp and the ends are drier than ever then it is time for a Hair detox. It is not something unusual that we haven't experienced before but it is just important to know how to handle hair at that moment. Hair detox is always a benefit because if you miss to treat her right at a bad moment then it's going to be worst. What can damage your hair? 

  1. Heat,
  2. Stress,
  3. Over-washing,
  4. Dryness,
  5. Hidden chemicals in your hair products,
  6. Improper towel drying,
  7. Pulling your hair back tightly, such as in a ponytail, bun, or cornrows, and so many.

It is important to put more care into how you treat your hair. Many factors can prevent you from shiny hair as you could read and your role is to do hair detox from time to time avoiding all badness. 

First, choose the right shampoo for your hair type. Use cleansing shampoo.

Hair can be:

  1. thin
  2. normal
  3. fine
  4. relaxed
  5. natural
  6. damaged or colored.

„You may want to invest in a clarifying shampoo. This shampoo can remove buildup from hard water minerals and styling residue. One of the benefits of clarifying shampoo is it won’t strip color-treated hair of moisture.“

I advise you to use natural oils for healthy hair. Oils help you avoid hair damage and they are an essential element to hair. You should also avoid during hair detox chemicals, heat, and processing.  Avoid also dyeing your hair, as bleaching and coloring can damage your strands, also avoid hair products with Sodium laureth sulfate and Sodium lauryl sulfate.  You can add serums or treatment masks to your hair detox process. 

Sometimes add the scalp massage and your hair will be grateful. Massage will help you remove toxins and stimulate growth.  After massage and shampoo, nourishing your hair with a moisturizing conditioner is a great choice during hair detox. 

Stimulate your hair with great choices. I can recommend you De Legge Hairstyle products, Lasio products, or Virtu Labs products. I other blogs I will talk about it more. I want to research for you about the great products that I use but can help you find the best formula for your ideal healthy hairstyle. I forgot to mention that Keratin Treatments (I use Lasio Keratin Treatment) can help you solve many problems with hair that you might have. 

In De Legge European Haircut Salon in Asheville, you can buy all products for healthier hair.  I am a Keratin treatment Specialist based in Asheville, and I invite you all to visit me in my Hair Salon in Asheville. If you ever google an experienced hairstylist in Asheville near me, you will probably find my De Legge European Haircut Salon, and I am so lucky to have you in the future as my best client. 

I hope you like my blog post and that was useful to you. I am looking forward to telling you more I know about hair from my experience. 

Your Jola De Legge European Cut and Keratin Treatment Hairstylist