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Hair Smoothing in Asheville: Make Your Hair Look Stunningly Beautiful
  • Delegge Studio
  • Oct 10, 2022

ZERO processing time!

What does this mean? Now your clients can wash their hair before they even leave the salon. 

NEW BOND-BUILDING FORMULA helps to repair damage, fill porous hair, and maximize shine by bonding together a complex of ingredients onto the hair strands.


What’s the benefit of receiving a LASIO Keratin treatment?

1. The only spray-on formula
2. Zero Process Time– no waiting in between or after the service
3. Client has Options– Hair can be washed right away or within 24 hours
4. Light-weight results
5. Repair damage from chemical processes
6. Service in 90-minutes (depending on hair length and density)
7. The safest Keratin treatment on the market
8. Cut styling time in half
9. Achieve a natural shine


The best keratin treatment in Asheville and keratin hair services in Asheville provide, are infused with cocamide oil, amino acids and keratin, making it safe for your hair, and you are free to wash it and style it exactly as you would before you had the treatment done, eliminating 100% of the frizz. The only thing you will have now is luminous shine and 100% healthier hair.

Please text me photo of your hair to 828-450-5316 for instant consultation if planning for hair smoothing in Asheville.