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How to Choose A Hair Salon | Asheville Hairstylist & Keratin Specialist
  • Jola De Legge
  • Sep 28, 2020

Bringing out the best version of yourself will greatly improve your self-esteem and inner confidence. Giving your hair the love it deserves; you need to find yourself a hair salon and stylist you trust. This might be quite difficult due to the many options, which stylist is right for me? However, these tips can come in handy;

1. Location

When choosing the right stylist - for example at Sola Salons South Asheville it's important that you consider not only location, but the right studio to go to. Go to Sola Salons South Asheville zip code 28803, and read up on stylists that are at that location. When looking at my profile Studio number 2 you will see my bio and photos of my work. You can also do this by looking online for the Best hairstylist near me and look at the Google reviews. Make sure that the salon is safe, and all the COVID-19 sanitation protocols are implemented. I maintain stringent sanitation practices, I’m certified in Barbicide sanitation to ensure my knowledge is expended in using different disinfectants. I also use Mask and require my clients to ware Mask during appointments.

2. Cleanliness

Before you choose a salon, it is important to read its reviews, especially in these COVID-19. There, you will be able to find out whether the salon is kept clean and whether they are following social distance protocols. It is imperative that you make sure beforehand that it is a Covid-19 safe hair salon so that you don’t get exposed . It is also important that you make sure that they sterilize all their tools such as combs and scissors so as not to spread any infections from one client to the next. Find one of the Sola Salons that is known for their cleanliness and ask them how they keep their clients safe.

3. Work quality and Consultation

When looking for the Best hairstylist near me, you need to make sure that you do some research on their work quality and client etiquette. I provide virtual consultation or you can text me your hair pics, so we can discuss your hair and your needs prior to your visits. During an appointment, the hairstylist should be a good listener and you should feel comfortable giving your opinion. Furthermore, Covid-19 safe hair salons should always make sure that they are enhancing safety by keeping social distance in common areas, wearing their masks, and hand sanitizer is provided.