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Keratin Specialist in Asheville: Soften Your Curls and Minimize Frizz
  • Delegge Studio
  • Oct 07, 2022

Have clients that are afraid of getting a keratin treatment on their thin hair? Many clients think due to their age or fine hair that they cannot get a keratin treatment, which can’t be further from the truth. The expert keratin treatment in Asheville is a great option for those with fine/thin hair. The formula is formaldehyde-free keratin with coconut oil which gives clients with fine hair lots of body and shine.

At our keratin treatment salon in Asheville, we eliminate 100% of frizz through the Keratin Tropic. Lasio keratin treatments are better for clients with thin hair because there is no wait time and the keratin can be washed out immediately after application. The Keratin Tropic won’t weigh the hair down because it penetrates the hair cuticle from the root. Your clients can preserve the keratin by using any of our HYERSILK Aftercare products. The Revitalizing Masque is a great product for fine hair. When applied by the best keratin specialist in Asheville, it strengthens hair by rebuilding hair bonds, restoring moisture, while increasing strength and elasticity.