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Take Care of Your Hair With Ease | Asheville Hairstylist & Keratin Specialist
  • Jola De Legge
  • Sep 03, 2020

Hair is an important part of almost every woman’s life. There are many styling options when it comes to taking care of your hair. However, in most cases, the ultimate goal is usually to have healthy, shiny, and easy to style hair. In order for that to happen, you need to know few simple tips below that will go a long way in helping you restore the health of your hair;

1. Styling
One easy way of taking care of your hair is by choosing the right style for it. Basically, this means picking a style that enhances your features while taking care not to damage the structure of your hair. If your have curls, you need to add products that deliver proper moisture, to your hair and enhance curl formation. Looking for a professional Master Hair Stylist near me can help you fined stylist that will have experience in your hair type. If your hair is course, unruly, frizzy, or fine and frizzy you might consider the right type Keratin Treatment that can be matched to your hair type only by keratin Expert. You can have silky, shiny hair without losing volume, or smooth, straight hair for up to four months. Keratin seals cuticle and your hair color last much longer. Also if your hair has been bleached or has been damaged, Keratin helps with restoration of hair, if you don’t want to cut it off. Considering using Keratin Treatments don’t forget that it’s a must to get prescribed Hair products to maintain the treatment. When you are investing in keratin treatment, make it last four months with prescribed haircare by your hairstylist.

2. Salon visits
Another simple way to make your hair healthier is by visiting the salon regularly. This is important because hair is damaged every day, by heat from blow drying, lack of proper moisture, curling irons, etc. If your hair is dry and dull, your hair might need Frizz reduction hair treatment or reconstructive treatments, or even scalp detox treatment. Your scalp is very important in promoting hair growth. Healthy scalp - healthy hair! Brushing your hair and scalp daily also promotes and maintains hair growth. Using a scalp brush I massage your head to promote blood flow, with every service, that is complimentary with every service I provide.

The best way to find a salon if you don’t already have one is to look up a Master hairstylist near me and assess the choices presented.

3. Products
Hair products are many in the market and it’s very confusing topic what’s right for your hair type. There are some products that contain ingredients that are harmful to your health and for your hair. For example, some shampoos and conditioners may dry out your hair leaving it lifeless and dull, and you are buying more products, spending more money on wrong hair care for your hair type. Others can give you an allergic reaction as they contain sulphur and menthol products. You need to do proper research before you buy any products. Instead of buying what you think it's right to ask a hair professional for advice. For example, if you have dry and brittle hair, you should consider buying Smoothing hair care that contains human keratin from Virtue. Hair is made of keratin and will help you with rebuilding your hair De Legge hair Keratin treatment mask is made with botanicals ingredients and you will see a difference just after one use.