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Tips on How to Live Life Frizz-Free
  • Delegge Studio
  • Apr 07, 2022

Spring is here and summer is approaching, and you know what that means. Beachy waves at the beach, curls by the pool, and long flowing locks at the ice cream shop. We can picture it now — frizzy hair ! But girl, don’t let your braids get in a twist. Here are our top 3 ways to live your life totally frizz-free, no matter how the heat and humidity treat you.


Ask Your Stylist About Getting a Keratin Treatment

Dry ends, dull color, and dehydrated hair are all symptoms of damaged hair. Whether it was by the sun, or by too much color, don’t worry — it can be restored and rejuvenated. Keratin treatments work wonders for controlling and managing frizz — especially in these hot and humid summer months. It’s not as scary as you think, either.


The keratin formula will sit on the outside of your hair cuticle and act as a shield from humidity and general bad vibes. 


Best hair salon in Asheville will customize keratin Treatment formula and remove 100% frizz and 90% of the curl for a silky smooth finish for up to 4 months. You can wash your hair the same day right in the salon, at home that evening, the next morning, or anytime within 24 hours of receiving your treatment.


And don’t forget about the aftercare! It is extremely important to use sodium chloride-free hair products after receiving Keratin Treatment. Because LASIO Keratin Treatments are water-based — not silicone-based — we require sodium chloride-free products, not sulfate-free. Salt and chlorine will strip the keratin from your hair. To combat this, we highly recommend using products that will prolong keratin for months to come. 


Don’t be afraid to put on a masque

Hair masque, that is. It’s the secret weapon to locking in fabulous moisture and remedy damaged hair. Our Hypersilk Revitalizing Masque has many application methods and works as a leave-in treatment, a deep conditioner, and a mask all-in-one. 


This is the thing that won’t just protect you from heat, it will also protect your hair from damaging chlorine and salt. So whether you’re in the pool, or at the beach, your hair will be protected day into night. 


Remember, these methods work for between 3-5 months, perfect for the upcoming summer season. So be sure to protect your hair at all costs — it’s the only hair you have, and if you treat it right, it can be your best friend.  


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