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What is keratin?
  • Delegge Studio
  • Apr 06, 2022

In 2021 Keratin Treatment become popular more than ever & maybe you have heard about this treatment thousands of times but you are not sure if you understand what it means? 


You won't believe this but keratin is a naturally-occurring element found in your hair. What is his role? Keratin acts as a shield to protect your hair from the environmental elements. Without enough keratin in your hair it might get damaged, become frizzy, without smoothness, damaged bonds & can be hard to manage. That`s why it is recommended to use services such as keratin treatment.


One more time, a keratin treatment is a long-lasting hair repair technique that eliminates frizz, increases smoothness, repairs bonds, and enhances manageability. Contrary to popular belief, keratin is a strengthening treatment, not a straightening treatment. In fact, there are specific varieties for those who want to maintain body and curl. No matter your hair type, if you’re struggling to manage it, there’s keratin for you.


When you get a keratin treatment, you’re also getting the vitamin E and essential fatty acids found in keratin to lock into the porous parts of each strand of hair. The result is that your hair is strengthened, guarded against frizz, heat, humidity, UV rays, and incredible shine that lasts for months.


Keratin is also more than just a treatment. It’s a building block of hair. Because it’s the same protein found in your hair, it’s one of the most beneficial and restorative hair treatments on the market. To insure you get best, customized Keratin make sure you use stylist that specializes in Keratin Treatments, and choose best hair salon in Asheville .